Friday, March 25, 2011

Jika seorang wanita menangis dihadapanmu..
Itu bererti dia tidak mampu menahannya lagi..

Jika kamu memegang tangannya saat dia menangis..
Dia sanggup bersamamu sepanjang hayatmu..

Jika kau pernah membiarkannya pergi..
Jika dia kembali padamu tetapi dia tidak akan pernah kembali lagi..
menjadi seperti dirinya yg dulu....

Seorang wanita tidak akan menangis dengan mudah..
Kecuali di depan orang yg amat dia sayangi..
Dia menjadi lemah…

Seorang wanita tidak akan menangis dgn mudahnya..
Hanya kerana dia menyayangi dirimu..
Dia rela membuang rasa egonya..

Jika seorang wanita menangis keranamu..
janganlah kau mensia-siakannya..
Pernahkah kau sedari demi mempertahankn keegoaanmu..
Kau telah menghancurkn hatinya tanpa kau sedari??

Saat dia menangis didepanmu..
Saat dia menangis keranamu..
Lihatlah matanya..
Dapatkah kau lihat dan rasakan sakit yang dirasakannya??

Fikirkanlah wahai lelaki....

Wanita mana lagikah yang akan menangis keranamu??
Yg di dalam hatinya hanya dipenuhi dgn kasih sayang..
Untukmu dan keranamu saja..

Tahukah engkau wahai lelaki...

Dia menangis bukan kerana dia lemah..
Dia menangis bukan kerana dia menginginkan simpati atau belas kasihan..

Dia menangis..
Kerana hanya dengan cara itu dia mampu meluahkan apa yg terpendam jauh di lubuk hatinya yg sedang dirundung pilu…


Fikirkanlah tentang hal itu..
Selamilah hati wanitamu itu..
Walau sekeras dan setabah mana pun dirinya hatinya tetap lembut dan mudah terguris…
Kerana dia adalah wanita..
Wanita yg sentiasa inginkn perhatian dari lelaki yg disayanginya..

Jika seorang wanita menangisi hatinya..
Mungkin kerana dia sudah terlalu letih dan lelah utk memujuk hatinya..
Pernahkah kau sedar semuanya hanya kerana dirimu…

Inilah waktunya untuk melihat apa yang telah kau lakukan untuknya..
Hanya engkau yang mengetahui jawapannya..

Pertimbangkanlah wahai insan yg bernama lelaki....

Kerana mungkin suatu hari nanti..
Kau tidak berkesempatan untuk menyesalinya..
Mungkin juga kau akan terlambat untuk mengucapkan kata 'MAAF' di saat hati serta jiwa wanitamu itu terkunci rapat utk seorang insan yg bergelar ‘LELAKI’…...

Friday, February 18, 2011

TrUe Or NoT?...

Not all memories are to be remembered.Who wants to keep their bad memories right?.
Its nobody's fault that someone doesn't want to remember the past.Because the past might hurt,might be painful.

Life is not easy.Even to think about what we are gonna do next is hard.

We're all sorrounded by people.But that doesn't mean all of them are ur frens.Most probably none of them are.Might be one or two...But will that frenship last forever?..

Every single moment of our past is about learning.Learn to be better,to know people better,to fight for urself better,to know when to be there or when to leave...Be prepared to learn through ur future... ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011



Have you ever wondered what the real essence of the saying "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" is? People talk about the true value of friendship actually without knowing what it stands for. True friendship is the one, in which the individuals do not have to maintain formalities with each other. Sharing true friendship is the situation, when the person you are talking about is counted as one among your family members, when the relation you share with him/her reaches a stage that even if you don't correspond for sometime, your friendship remains unscathed. Best friends need not meet up often to make sure that the friendship remains constant.

The trust between best friends is such that if one friend falls in trouble, the other will not think twice to help. If the bond between two friends is strong, true friends can endure even long distances. For them, geographical separation is just a part of life. It would not affect their friendship. They make it a point to stay in touch, even in the verge of being exhausted due to the drudgery of everyday life. True friendship never fades away. In fact, it grows better with time. True friendship thrives on trust, inspiration and comfort. Best friends come to know, when the other person is in trouble, merely by listening to their "Hello" over the phone. They can even understand each other's silence.

True friends don't desert each other when one is facing trouble. They would face it together and support each other, even if it is against the interests of the other person. Best friends don't analyze each other; they don't have to do so. They accept each other with their positive and negative qualities. Nothing is hidden between true friends. They know each other's strengths as well as weaknesses. One would not overpower the other. They would respect each other's individuality. In fact, they would understand the similarities and respect the differences. Best friends don't stand any outsider commenting or criticizing their friendship and they can put up a very firm resistance, if anyone does so.

True friends are not opportunists. They don't help because they have something to gain out of it. True friendship is marked by selflessness. Best friends support even each other, even if the whole world opposes them. It is not easy getting true friends for the lifetime. If you have even one true friend, consider yourself blessed. Remember, all best friends are friends, but not all friends can be best friends. In this world of cynics and back stabbers, there are still some people who are worth being friends with. They have to be recognized and respected for being best friends, for the lifetime.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Make a Girl Happy

If you’re one of those guys who want to know how to make a girl happy because you want her to like you, then stop right here. Making a girl happy will not make her like you, but once she likes you, making her happy is a great way to keep your relationship going strong. So this article is dedicated to those already in a relationship, not to those trying to pick up girls, that’s another read.
The first principle when making a girl happy is that YOU must be happy first. Happiness is contagious, and if you’re happy with life, your energy will affect people around you in a positive way. To understand, let’s look at the opposite. Have you ever been around someone who was really depressed? This person might have started to talk to you in a low tone, telling you about how bad their life was, and then you suddenly start to sympathize and tell them how bad your life is in return. Soon enough, you’re BOTH depressed! Well, the same applies to happiness, if you’re excited about a project you’re working on, or even about something as simple as a sunny day, it will be contagious. People LOVE being around people who are happy. Its addictive and attractive.
The second principle is that is that its all about the little things. A small surprise note, a random short email, anything unexpected and SMALL will go a long way to making a girl very happy. Its the little things that matter the most in life. Big things on the other hand rarely have the same effect. Buying someone a car will make them feel like they owe you, or like you’re trying to buy them something. On the other hand, leaving them a small note that simply says “hi I’m thinking of you” ( don’t actually write that ) will make them feel special. Again, its important to keep the first concept in mind, when you do small things, make sure it makes YOU happy as well. If you *hate* a DVD, don’t rent it because she likes it and then be miserable as you both watch it. On the other hand, if you wouldn’t mind watching it, and she really wants to, then you can surprise her with it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Do you ever feel guilty for feeling good when someone else is feeling bad? Does part of you feel like you should suffer after watching all the "bad news" on TV? If you visit a sick friend, is it better to be upset so they know you care or to be in a good mood to help them feel better? It is possible to care about the other, show concern, and feel good. The combination may help cheer them up.

"Mutual misery" versus "Mutual happiness" as a sign of caring. Many of us have learned that "If we care about someone who is feeling bad, we should feel bad too." We have learned to measure our degree of caring by how badly we feel when the other hurts. According to this mutual misery philosophy, the more you suffer when I am suffering, the more you must care about me. If, on the other hand, you feel happy when I am miserable, then you must not care about me and you are a "bad," "uncaring" person.
The logical conclusion of the mutual misery philosophy is that both people will end in dramatic expressions of suffering. You may have witnessed people who suffered together dramatically and created beautiful misery together to convince everyone how much they care. Is that what we want? Wouldn't it be better if caring could be expressed more simply and honestly, and both people could end feeling happy?
There is a philosophy other than the "mutual misery" approach. I call it the mutual happiness approach. In this approach we do not have to prove that we care for one another by our own suffering. We show our caring by our gifts of understanding, comfort, or whatever it takes to help us both feel happier.
We can express sensitivity and empathy by asking them how they feel and be willing to listen if they want to talk about their feelings. Being upset ourselves is not what the other person needs. The clients who come to see me don't want to find a therapist that gets depressed over their problems. They want someone who will listen effectively, show caring, and help them solve their problems. They want someone who is confident and realistically optimistic.
In the mutual happiness philosophy, we measure how much we care by how much we attempt to contribute to the other person's happiness. We express our caring by doing something active to help them. Or we might decide that the best gift is freedom and support so they can take care of their own needs. That is especially true in codependent relationships.
A student of mine, who had been gravely ill, recently read this section. She said that people visiting sick people needed to understand how important this section is. When she had been in the hospital, she disliked having people visit her who were too upset about the seriousness of her condition.
They not only increased the "gloom" of the situation; in addition she said, "I wanted to cheer them up; but I was so sick, I felt a tremendous burden." On the other hand, she looked forward to seeing people who were happy and cheerful--she felt no burden and their cheerfulness helped her feel better. Just what the Doctor ordered!
The best way you can help me when I am feeling bad is to feel good, because I care about your feelings. Similarly, if you care about me, I expect you will ultimately want me to feel good after your misfortune. Both bad feelings and good feelings are contagious. Which do you want to give?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

For All..For You..

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I’ll be forever thankful baby
You’re the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You’re the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach
You gave me faith ‘coz you believed
I’m everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I’m grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don’t know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You’ve been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love is like an eternal flame,

I could fill a thousand pages telling you how I felt and still you would not understand.
So now I leave you without a sound except my heart shattering as it hits the ground
Love is like an eternal flame,
Once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.
Love isn't blind, it just only sees what matters. Love is a moment that lasts forever... You will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love. If a tear fell from my eyes, everytime i wished you were with me
I would have a puddle of fallen wishes at my feet. Through the wind I hear your voice, in the clouds I see your name.
Living life without you just wouldnt be the same If you love someone more than anything,
Then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart. If i had a single flower for everytime i thought of you i could walk forever in my garden. When i saw you i was afraid to talk to you...
when i talked to you i was afraid to hold you...
When i hold you i was afraid to love you
Now that i love you im afraid to lose you. Telling someone you love them comes from the heart
The place that made you love them from the start. True love never leaves the heart, so if you dont love me now, you didnt love me then. It is impossible to fall out of love, love is such a powerful emotion,
That once it envelops you, it does not depart. True love is eternal.
If you think you were once in love but fell out of it, than it wasent love you were in I ran up the door,shut the stairs,said my pj's and put on my prayers.
I turned off the bed and hopped into the light, all because you kissed me goodnight. No Boy Is Worth Fightig For, And If You Have To Fight To Get Him,
Than You're Better Off Without Him. The Hardest Thing In Life Isn't Finding The One You Luv,
Its Making The One You Luv...Luv you Back. A Cute Guy Can Open Up My Eyes, A Smart Guy Can Open Up My Mind,
But Only A Sweet Guy Can Open My Heart. I Cry For The Times That You Were Almost Mine,
I Cry For The Memories I've Left Behind,
I Cry For The Pain, The Lost, The Old, the New..
I Now Cry For The Times I Thought I Had You I don't know weather to smile cause you're happier with her or cry cause you're not mine. Everyday we tell ourselves we're better off without each other,
B ut then every morning I wake up and realize
I love you more then the day before. I want to be happy because hes happy
But how can I be happy knowing im not the one making him smile. Sticks and stones may break my bones and tear my skin apart,
But nothing hurts me more than you,
Because you broke my heart. It takes 3 seconds to say 'I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it. Love is friendship, friendship is love.
If love fails, friendship should remain.
For friendship is the foundation of love. Let your heart guide you...but listen closely because it whispers. You make me smile for no reason whatsoever,
Y ou make me laugh at the unfunniest things,
B ut most of all, you make me love you...
W hen I shouldn't be loving you. You will know when you really love someone
When you want him to be happy even if his happiness means you are not a part of it. Don't be too good i will miss you.
Don't be too caring, I might like you.
Don't be too sweet, I might fall.
It's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all... And all for love, and nothing for reward. A complete need should not exist...
love, life in common with loved ones? what we love intensely or for a long time
we are likely to bring within the citadel,
and to assert as part of oneself. A girl without freckles is like a night without stars. A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That's basic spelling that every woman ought to know. A kiss can beautify souls hearts and thoughts. A kiss can beautify souls hearts and thoughts. A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years. A kiss? the renunciation of the heart when one is no longer alone. A lawful kiss is never worth a stolen one. A lover fears all that he believes. A lover without indescretion is no lover at all. A man is not where he lives, but where he loves. A meeting between two beings
who complete one another,
who are made for
each other, borders already,
in my opinion, on a miracle. A part of us remains where ever we have been. A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me
together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in
heart. A pity beyond all telling
Is hid in the heart of love.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Menjadi Yang Terbaik

Semua orang nak jadi yang terbaik

aku pun begitu,
punya impian untuk menjadi yang terbaik..
Tanpa usaha, impian tu mustahil untuk menjadi nyata..
Hanya berbekalkan usaha, doa serta tawakal pada-NYA
mampu membawa kita ke tangga kejayaan..

Namun, kita tidak seharusnya berputus asa
walaupun setelah berusaha dan hasilnya kegagalan..
Kita seharusnya menjadikan kegagalan itu suatu
titik permulaan untuk kita berjaya..

Biarpun mengetahui hakikat bahawa
setiap kejayaan memerlukan usaha,
namun aku bagai penukul yang ketiadaan pahatnya..
Tidak bergerak tanpa arahan,
walaupun demi kebaikan diri,
aku sekadar endah tak endah sahaja akan arahan yang diberikan..

Aku makin keliru dengan apa yang aku mahukan sebenarnya..

Pada mulanya, aku merasakan segalanya sukar bagiku..
Mana tak nya, tiada usaha memang la susah..
Aku sekadar mengedari perbuatanku
yang tidak mengendahkan nasihat rakan, mahupun pensyarah
akan memakan diriku,
namun tiada tindakan lanjutan yang aku lakukan..

Apabila hiburan bermain di fikiran,
aku bagai hilang arah, tumpuan, mahupun matlamat hidup..

Aku sedar hiburan itu hanyalah akan memusnahkan hidupku
jika aku terlalu taksub dengannya,
namun dunia hiburan bagai sudah sebati dengan diri ini..

Tatkala mendengar bacaan Al-Quran dibaca di kaca TV,
mahupun rakan-rakan ku membaca,
aku mula sedar, ALLAH itu maha mengetahui segalanya..
DIA juga lah yang akan membantu diri ini tatkala susah,
mahupun senang..

Selepas beberapa ketika, aku seakan lupa pada-NYA..
Aku makin keliru..
Aku sedar akan keagungan-NYA,
namun aku sekadar mendabik dada,
berlagak bagai tiada apa yang berlaku..

Aku perlu berubah..

Sedarlah wahai manusia,
kamu itu hanyalah manusia biasa,
yang kadang kala berada di atas,
kadang kala berada di bawah..

Oleh itu, bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat..
Moga usahamu tidak menjadi sia-sia..
Jangan bazirkan masa dengan angan-angan kosong,
kerana ianya mampu membunuh dirimu..


Monday, November 1, 2010

: Saya Sayang Awak Sebab Awak Tak Cantik :

Tiba-tiba teringat satu cerita. Tentang seorang kekasih dengan kekasihnya. Let me name them Adam and Maya :)

Satu hari perempuan ni tanya lah kat balak dia kan.

Maya: Nape awak sayang saye eh?
Adam: Ntah.
Maya: Takkan la tak de sebab kot. Sebab saye cantik ke.
Adam: Ntah, saye pun tak tahu.

Si Maya ni pun bengang lah sebab rasa macam si Adam ni nak main main ngan dia aje. Macam tak sayang betul-betul. Maya pun merajuk.

Satu hari, Maya kemalangan. Dia cacat. Dah tak cantik. Adam setia jaga dia kat hospital.

Maya: Awak tak kisah ke saya cacat?
Adam: (Adam geleng) Tak. Awak nak tau tak kenapa saya sayang awak?
Maya: Hmm (Angguk)
Adam: Saya sayang awak sebab diri awak, bukan sebab awak cantik. Tengok, sekarang awak dah tak cantik. Awak cacat. Kalau saya sayang awak sebab kecantikan awak, dah lama saya tinggalkan awak yang cacat ni sorang-sorang.
Maya: (Menangis) Sebab tu ke awak tak jawab bila saya tanya?
Adam: Ye. Sebab saya tak tahu apa reason saya sayang awak.
Maya: Thanks awak.
Adam: Saya sayang awak sangat-sangat. Bukan sebab awak cantik. Saya still sayangkan awak walaupun awak cacat.

The end.

Conclusionnya, sayangilah pasangan kita bukan sebab dia cantik or hensem sebab kecantikan tu tak kekal. Sayang dia sebab dia sendiri. And, jangan carik pasangan ikut taste anda, sebab tak semestinya anda tu pun taste dia. Hikhik.

Cuba Anda Fikir...

Bila kamu merasa letih dan lesu…
Bila kamu merasa beban yang begitu berat…
Bila kamu merasa tugas dan kerjaan tak pernah berhenti datang…
Bila kamu merasa masalah tak pernah menjauh darimu…
Bila kamu merasa seakan tak sanggup lagi mengangkat wajahmu…
Bila kamu merasa tidak bisa melihat lagi secara jelas ke depan…
Bila kamu merasakan itu semua sekarang…
Cubalah untuk bertanya SEBERAPA ?

Bukan untuk seberapa lama lagi beban, kerjaan, masalahan, dsbnya itu akan pergi dan menghilang….
Namun cuba bertanya SEBERAPA ini….

SEBERAPA Banyak waktu yang telah kamu korbankan untuk itu..
SEBERAPA Dalam Cintamu untuk orang-orang yang kamu cintai…
SEBERAPA Tinggi Harapan orang-orang disekitarmu…
SEBERAPA Besar Pengorbanan yang akan kamu bayar untuk Impian dan cita-citamu…….
SEBERAPA Dalam Tangan dan kakimu mau menggali Kekuatan Pribadimu…
SEBERAPA Lebar Berkat-berkat yang ada di depanmu ingin kamu dapati…
SEBERAPA Berat Pundakmu mau menanggung kebahagiaan mereka yang percaya kepadamu….
SEBERAPA Ringan Keikhlasan dan Ketulusan dalam menikmati anugerah yang diberikan kepadamu….

Hidup memang tidak mudah dan tidak akan pernah menjadi mudah…
Ingatlah mereka-mereka yang mengasihi dan menyayangimu…
Jika bukan untuk mu semua ini kamu lakukan… lakukanlah ini untuk mereka-mereka yang selalu ada dibelakangmu….



"Apa ada pada jari anda.....apa rahsia jari anda...apa guna jari anda...?????????????''

1. Cuba tengok jari anda. Genggam kuat2 & angkat ke atas sambil
laung.."Allahu Akbar". Itulah Rukun Islam yang mesti dijunjung.

2. Straight kan jari ke depan dlm keadaan terbuka & Renung
dalam-dalam. Itulah kewajipan solat lima waktu jangan kita abaikan.

3. Put ur hand on the table, perhatikan. Start dari jari kelinking yg
kecil & kerdil, macam manusia & apa benda pun akan start dari kecil
then membesar & terus membesar. Itulah fitrah insan dan alam
seluruhnya. Whatever we do semua start dari kecil. Kegagalan mendidik
pada usia muda akan beri impact/kesan yang besar pada masa depan.

4. Then tenggok jari kedua, jari manis. Macam tu jugak la degan usia
remaja..semuanya sweet..
manis macam jari manis. Masa remaja kita selalu di duga degan cabaran
& dugaan. Hanyan iman & takwa akan tunjukkan jalan kebenaran.

5. Jari ketiga jari yang paling tinggi, jari hantu ibarat alam dewasa
kita. At 30's kita dah punya status & ekonomi & career yang stabil
kita kena careful sebab masa ni la banyak "hantu- hantu pengacau"
datang menggoda. Hantu dengki, hantu ego, hantu tamak, hantu jealous
macam2 hantu lagi. Kalau gagal kawal emosi khuatir kita masuk ke
perangkap nafsu dan syaitan. So kita kena la lipat gandakan ibadat.

6. Jari telunjuk - Jari ni lah yg mengungkap satu dan esanya Allah
ketika solat. Genggam kesemua jari kecuali telunjuk see how Gagahnya
telunjuk sebagai penunjuk arah, jadi contoh & tauladan pada jari2
sebelum ni.
Macam tu jugak degan kita perlu jadi role model to the new
generation.. jadi pembimbing yg kaya degan idea bernas & a great

7. Lastly renung la ibu jari.. besar/gemuk & pendek compare to the
others but it shows kematangan & kehebatan yg membanggakan.
Kalau ada ibu jari semua urusan lancar tapi bayangkan kalau takde ibu
jari... nak gengam/pegang something cukup susah.. nak pegang sudu pun
susah. To young generation, nak buat apa2 rujuk la kat org
Kalau kita mereka, then boleh la kita say "good"
or "yes" sambil thumbs up itulah rahsia kejayaan kita.

See all ur fingers and renung/fikir dalam2. Dimana anda sekarang"

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Cinta -

Kita memang mengharapkan dia menjadi milik kita. Segala apa yang kita buat, kalau buleh nak dia tahu.. dan kita sebuleh mungkin tak nak sakitkan hati dia. kita akan sentiasa berfikir tentang dirinya. (dalam erti lain : cinta di tujukan kepada seseorang yg kita selalu ingat dan mimpi.. Tanpanya kita akan rasa sunyi dan kita cintakan sepenuh jiwa dengan hati yg ikhlas kepadanya walaupun dia buat tak tau je)

Sayang -

Kita memerlukan dia di masa kita mahukan seseorang untuk berkongsi rahsia dan kisah duka kita. selalunya kita akan sayangkan seseorang yang menjadi TELINGA kepada masalah kita. (dalam erti lain : sayang di tujukan kepada seseorang yang boleh membuangkan masa dia untuk mendengar dan memeningkan kepalanya dgn masalah kita dan kita jugak boleh menyakitkan hati dia kerana kita bukannya cinta kepadanya)

Suka -

Kita sukakan dia kerana dia kelakar. Dia happy-go-lucky. Bila bersama dengan dia, kita rasa nak tergelak sampai nak pecah perut. Tapi, kita taklah rindu sangat kat dia bila tak berjumpa seminggu…(dalam erti lain : suka di tujukan kepada seseorang yang boleh menjadi pelawak kepada kita. Kita akan suruh dia diam sekirangnya keng kita dah nak pecah…)

Minat -

Apa sesuatu pada dirinya yang menarik kita untuk mendekatinya.(dalam erti lain : minat ditujukan kepada seseorang yang ada sifat, peribadi atau barang yang kita mahukan… )

Tetapi kita kena ingat bahawa tanpa minat , suka dan sayang kita tidak akan CINTA pada seseorang itu…

P/S--->>.....Segalanya mengajar aku erti CINTA...n yang paling penting aku belajar untuk menghargai seseorang......mungkin dlu aku hanyot dgn keegoan ku...................tapi skrg...segalanya sudah berubah......aku mula belajar untk menghargai org di sekeliling aku.....

SO...kepada sesiapa yg sdg bercinta...or baru nak bercinta tu hargailah pasangan anda......jangan bila ianya sudah pergi baru nak hargai.........

Kenapa Still Sayang Dia ?

kenapa u still sayang dia, walau dia dah tinggal u ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau dia dah buang u ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau dia dah hancurkan hati u ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau dia dah pijak cinta u ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau dia runtuhkan mahligai u ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau dia pergi tanpa belas ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau u menangis dia pandang u penuh benci ??
kenapa u still sayang dia , walau dia tak pernah pikir susah u ??
WHY? WHY? Why u still sayang dia ??? !!~ 

SEBAB .......

bila dia tinggal saya ... saya sedar kelemahan diri saya
punca dia pergi ...

bila dia buang saya ..
 saya makin dekat dengan Tuhan ,
dan saya tahu ujian ini untuk saya baiki diri ..
bukan merosakkan diri saya dgn kebencian

bila dia hancurkan hati saya..
saya teringat betapa banyak hati dia saya hancurkan ,
tanpa saya sedari ..

Bila dia pijak cinta saya ..
saya tahu cinta tuh dah lama tak berkembang tak dibaja ..
atas kelalaian dan kealpaan saya ..
bila dipijak baru saya tercungap untuk bernafas ,
dan cuba bangun dan kembang semula

Bila dia runtuhkan mahligai saya ..
saat tuh , ia hanya mahligai kaca .. yg pudar sinarnya
hanya tiang cinta yg mmbuat ia terus berdiri .. 

Bila dia pergi tanpa belas ...
saya kenal dia , saya tahu dia berperang dengan diri ..
.mencari kekuatan untuk berlalu

Bila dia pandang saya penuh benci ...
itu kerana dia sayang saya , walau dia cuba nafikan

Bila dia tak pernah pikir susah saya ..
sebenarnya dia tak pernah berhenti memikirkan saya ..

dan kerana itu ,saya still sayang dia ..
dan mengharapkan peluang dari Tuhan untuk perbaiki segalanya .. !!~
dan saya berjanji ,walau sesaat saya takkan sia kan ..

endless love <3

so , ada sesape yg penah di tinggalkan ????
jeng jeng jeng jeng
soklan cepumas cket
jawab dlm hati sudahh ... kalau malu , ;p

standard procedure la..
dia curang..
ade org lain..
kita akan sedeyyy sesangat100X....
nangess berkilo2
semangat hilang
jiwa mati
xde mood
hati tak menentu
pikiran sasau..
antara simptom2 la. ;p

then ,
terbitlah rase mencikkk
macam2 rasa la kans...
dia tinggal kita ,
memang dia sangat2 la bersalah kan.
mcm org yg dia pilih tuh sangat-sangat cantik
sangat-sangat baik.
itu ini itu ini.
kita penuhkan diri dgn rasa kebencian yg meluap-luap..
rasa marah yg membakar-bakar

sebab ???

kita nak ubati hati kita kan..
konon-konon kalau wat mcm tuh ,
kita akan cepat lupa kan dia
kita paksa diri tuk benci dia
kita dok kata kat semua orang,
aku mencikkkkkkkkkk dia ..............!!!!~
bila dok sorang .
bila malam.
mula la ............... SOB SOB SOB .
nangesss ,
nangesss ...
nangess .
sbb , kita tertanya2 ,
"naper u buat i mcm nih "
dan sebab
rindu dia ..........................

ahaaaaaaaaaaa !!~ ... ahaks
sedar tak , kita pikir ..
kenapa dia pergi ?
adakah semua salah dia ?
some yess ,
dh dpt yg baik , tip top , mantap ... still pergi pd org lain.
tp , ade gak certain cases,
kalo kita renung diri .... renung dalam-dalam
muhasabah diri .
renungkan segala-gala nya ..
jgn terkejut ,
kalau kita ditemukan dengan salah kita ..
kelemahan kita .
then ..
hepp heppp ....
jgn salahkan diri
perbetulkan kesilapan
be a better person .
thank to God
atas ujian. dugaan ini .
kita makin mengenal diri .
setiap yang berlaku ade hikmahnya.

the hardest part.
buang rasa benci.
sakit hati.
dendam kesumat.
buang perasaan
bila ingat dia,
hati membara dengan amarah.
kena ingat.
in order to be a better person.
in order to live ur life happily .
kita kena penuhkan diri dengan rasa CINTA. SAYANG.
pada semua pada sekeliling.
learn to memaafkan.
seperti mane kita ingin di maafkan .. kita mesti memaafkan.
learn to smile .
learn to dance in the rain.
kita akan nampak what a wonderful world we have............... !!~
" been there. done that "

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nasihat Buat Kaum Adam

Andainya lelaki tahu, dalam hati seorang perempuan
ada naluri untuk di sayangi,
ada rasa untuk di beri perhatian,
ada rasa untuk di dengari keluh kesahnya,
ada waktu2 minta di temani kesedihannya,

Andainya lelaki tahu rajuk seorang perempuan minta di pujuk,
Marah seorang perempuan perlu di dekati,
Sedih seorang perempuan perlu di dengari,
Gembira seorang perempuan ingin di kongsi,

Andai lelaki tahu di sebalik seribu satu rasa itu
ada sekeping hati nan lembut,
Bukan untuk di manjai,
Bukan jua untuk di tatang bagai minyak yang penuh,
Hanya perlu sedikit perhatian,
Agar rasa kasih itu wujud walau di saat jauh,

Kerana andai lelaki tahu hati ini akan sentiasa bertanya
Pada diri seorang perempuan,
Wujudkah cinta itu di hati lelaki,
Bila saat jauh tanpa perkhabaran

Sayangilah seseorang itu atas dasar siapa dirinya sekarang,
Bukan atas dasar siapa dirinya sebelum ini,
Cintailah seseorang itu kerana hatinya,
Bukan paras rupa semata2

Waitng for Something

Between Lost and Wait

Which one hurt the most?

My answer is WAIT.

It was hurt when you waiting for someone who never showed up.But you still waiting,and hoping...

A billion of question marks in your head.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


People keep asking me ONE annoying question,which is...

Kenapa kau tak ada makwe?

Then,I always replied ONE annoying answer,which is...

Masanya belum sampai....

Here in my place,I can see a lot of lovebirds flying around together everywhere.
Besides,most of my friends also have found their own birds.I'm the only one who haven't found any yet.Birds? What an asshole metaphore elements.I don't even know why,no interesting species maybe?

If I want a bird,tak main lah setakat pipit,enggan,kenyalang ni weh....Aku prefer lagendary bird dalam Pokemon tu tau.
Macam ni lah,aku bukan jenis yang 'asalkan ada'.Aku bukan memilih,tapi aku suka apa yang aku suka.Buat apa nak paksa kalau tak suka? Kalau orang kata aku tak laku pun,aku tak kisah...

Good things always waiting for the one who keep waiting!

Renung-Renungkan dan Selamat Beramal

Jodoh tiada kaitan dengan keturunan. Hanya belum sampai masanya. Ia bagai menanti jambatan untuk keseberang.

Kalau panjang jambatannya, jauhlah perjalanan kita. Ada orang jodohnya cepat sebab jambatannya singkat.

Usia 25 tahun rasanya belumlah terlalu lewat. Dan usia 35 tahun belum apa-apa kalau sepanjang usia itu telah digunakan untuk membina kecemerlangan.

Nyatakanlah perasaan dan keinginan anda dalam doa-doa lewat solat. Allah itu Maha Mendengar.

Wanita baik untuk lelaki yang baik, sebaliknya wanita jahat untuk lelaki yang jahat. Yakinlah pada janji-Nya kerana kita orang yang beriman.

Tips: Daya tarikan yang sebenar berpusat di hati yang murni. Berusahalah untuk mencuci hati anda daripada semua perasaan yang negatif terhadap semua orang di dunia ini.

Hakikatnya, apabila kita benar-benar mendapat apa yang kita inginkan itu, ia juga datang bersama masalah.

Kita juga selalu melihat orang memandu kereta mewah dan terdetiklah dihati kita, alangkah bahagianya orang

Hakikatnya, apabila kita sendiri telah memiliki kereta mewah, kita ditimpa pelbagai karenah.

Tidak mustahil pula orang yang memandu kereta mewah terpaksa membayar lebih tatkala berhenti untuk membeli durian di tepi jalan.

 Ketika anda terperangkap dalam kesesakan jalan raya, motosikal mencelah-celah hingga mampu berada jauh dihadapan.

Anda pun mengeluh, alangkah baiknya kalau aku hanya menunggang motosikal itu dan cepat sampai ke tempat yang dituju.

Padahal si penunggang motosikal sedang memikirkan bilakah dia akan memandu kereta.

Bukan semua yang anda sangka membahagiakan itu benar-benar membahagiakan.

Tips: Agar mudah orang sayang, cuci hati dengan jaga ibadah, solat taubat, beristighfar, baca Al-Quran, maafkan orang lain, meminta maaf, bersedekah dan berfikiran positif.

Bahagianya mungkin ada tapi deritanya juga datang sama. Semua benda pasti ada baik dan buruknya.

Demikian juga perkahwinan.

Ia baik sebagai saluran yang betul untuk melepaskan syahwat tapi ramai juga orang yang berkahwin hidupnya semakin tidak terurus.

Ramai orang menempah neraka sebaik melangkahkan kaki kealam berumahtangga.

Bukankah dangan ijab dan Kabul selain menghalalkan hubungan kelamin, tanggungjawab yang terpaksa dipikul juga turut bertambah?

Bukankah apabila anda gagal melaksanakannya, anda membina dosa seterusnya jambatan ke neraka?

Berapa ramaikah yang menyesali perkahwinan padahal dahulunya mereka bermati-matian membina janji, memupuk cinta kasih malah ada yang sanggup berkorban apa sahaja asal impian menjadi nyata?

Jika tidak sanggup bergelar isteri tidak usah berkahwin dulu. Jika merasakan diri belum cukup ilmu bergelar ibu ayah, belajarlah dulu.

Jika belum bersedia untuk bersabar dengan karenah anak-anak, carilah dulu kesabaran itu.

Jangan berkahwin dahulu sebab kenyataannya ramai yang tidak bersedia untuk melangkah tetapi setelah melompat, akhirnya jatuh terjerumus dan tidak jumpa akar berpaut tatkala cuba mendaki naik.

Berkahwin itu indah dan nikmat bagi yang benar-benar mengerti segala tuntutannya. Berkahwin itu 
 menjanjikan pahala tidak putus-putus bagi yang menjadikannya gelanggang untuk menjadikan syurga sebagai matlamat.

 Kita boleh berkomunikasi melalui fikiran. Hantarlah kasih sayang dan hasrat murni anda terhadap pasangan dengan gelombang fikiran ini secara berterusan hingga berjaya.

Berkahwin itu sempadan dari ketidaksempurnaan insan kepada kesempurnaan insan bagi yang mengetahui rahsia-rahsianya.

Berkahwinlah demi Tuhan dan Nabi-Nya, bukan kerana perasaan dan mengikut kebiasaan.
Jodoh usah terlalu dirisaukan, tiba masanya ia akan datang menjemput, namun perlu juga anda membuka lorong-lorongnya agar jemputan itu mudah sampai.

Kadangkala Allah sembunyikan matahari, Dia datangkan petir dan kilat. Kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya, kemana menghilangnya sinar. Rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi.

Cinta yang disemadikan tidak mungkin layu selagi ada imbas kembali.

Hati remuk kembali kukuh selagi ketenangan dikecapi.

Jiwa yang pasrah bertukar haluan selagi esok masih ada.

Parut lama pastikan sembuh selagi iman terselit di dada.

Kekayaan yang paling kaya adalah akal, kemiskinan yang paling besar adalah jahil, keburukan yang paling hodoh adalah sesat.

Tidak berguna adanya mata andai tidak dapat melihat, tak guna adanya hati kalau tak tahu menilai.

Nilailah hati itu dengan teliti sebelum pergi mengundur diri kerana segalanya bermula dengan niat yang bertempat di hati.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Need You By My Side

To be completely honest, I'm seriously going to get jealous seeing those people all around got couples. Like you know, I used to go out with you. But now, you're not here anymore, I'm not as comfortable as I seemed to be.

I miss spending time with you. I wish I could turn back time and spend the rest of my life with you! I seriously can't live without you. I hope I can be strong and even stronger to move on. But I know I can't. I'm tired of wearing a mask, I'm tired of giving a fake smile. But I think that's the best thing I'm supposed to do.

I don't know how to say this, you're my everything, you're the only person I love the most. When you're no longer here, everything's changed. Everything is not as it used to be. I miss you so much, my beloved one. I hope you're in a better place.

Now, what keeps me going is your messages in my cell. I won't delete them all and I'm probably going to keep them in my memories, memories I can never ever forget. You were the one who always strive to solve my problems. You were the one who always there by my side in times of need.

But now, when I need you, why can't you be here again? :'(

Miss Her So Much

Those memories I had with you are not bygones :'( People could easily ask me to move on but they don't even know how I feel to lose someone I love the most. You were always there when I was in a fight with my family. You were always there when I needed you. You were always there when I feel all alone.

But now, you're not here anymore. I feel weird. My life is totally changed, I'm not comfortable with my new life. I really really need you. But I know you can't be here for me anymore. Everyday, I ask Allah to let you be in my dreams. Even if I'll have a bad dream with you, but that's okay because at least I can meet you.

Although I can't meet you like face to face, but seeing you in my dreams is enough for me to move on :'( I seriously miss you so much. I'm not going to stop praying for you. I miss spending every single time with you. I've never missed a day to contact you. But now!

Please tell me how to live without you, sayang? Please! I don't know how to. I really feel down these days. I don't know why I cry way too much at nights and I don't easily fall asleep just because of you, I can't stop thinking of you. I can't stop reminding all the memories we had together. I really really need you, sayang. Really am :'(

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aku manusia biasa